PHYS.1210.103: Exploring the Universe - Cook


Professor Timothy Cook
Office: Olney (NC) 101B

Office Phone: (978) 934-4915
Office Hours: MWF: 11-11:50; W: 1:30-3:50 or by appointment

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Earth's moon


Welcome to Professor Cook's Class: Exploring the Universe
UMass Lowell, Kennedy College of Sciences

The solar system and its planets:
How have we explored them?

Is there life elsewhere in the solar system?
Will Earth be destroyed by a giant asteroid?

This course is designed primarily to fulfill the science elective requirement for non-science majors. Its purpose is to provide undergraduate students with a broad introduction to astronomy.

What This Course is About

Planets orbiting other stars:
How do we know about them? How do they form?
What are they like?

How do they form, age, and die? Will the Sun explode?
What are Black Holes?

The Universe:
How did the Universe begin?

How big is it?
How old?
What is dark matter? Dark energy?
How can we tell? 

General Education

This course counts towards the Science with Laboratory (SCL) General Education Education requirement if and only if it is taken with the corequisite PHYS 1210L Exploring the Universe Laboratory. Please note that taking just PHYS 1210 will NOT satisfy the Science (SC) General Education requirement regardless of whether you have satisfied your lab science requirement.