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UMass Lowell Home Movie Archives: BASIC MODULE


Home Movie Archives

"In addition to the contribution home movies make to the already voluminous amount of sources for understanding modern life, they also allow historians to engage the past in qualitatively different ways. Both visual and audio evidence can offer clues and insights that get lost in written evidence. The informality of home movies, as well, contrasts in a potentially fruitful way with other contemporary film, be it Hollywood movies, newsreels, television footage, or documentaries."

Professor Chad Montrie,
UMass Lowell, History


Integrating Video Production Into the Curriculum

Professor Pat Fontaine
Graduate School of Eduction
Curriculum and Instruction

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The UML Home Movie Archives

While they sometimes can be tedious to watch, these "personal documents" offer a wealth of information for anyone interested in understanding twentieth century American life. The Home Movie Archive at the University of Massachusetts Lowell was established for this purpose. They have been usee numerous times as the foundation of student projects in history and education. 



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The Home Movie Archive Promo     Produced by Chad Montrie     Narration: Mitch Shuldman

The Archive has been used by History students as well as Students in the Graduate School of Education studying to beccloseome social studies teachers.  Here are some examples of student projects that make use of the Home Movie Archive.

The United States of Consumption: Consumerism in Post-War America
by Michelle Ryan

A Return to Tradition:  Weddings Post WWII  (6:09 min.)
by Rebecca Felton, Gregory Haas, & Michael Neagle

Women in the 1950s (5:53 min.)
​by Paty Lane & Erin Clarke

Veterans (6:45 min.)
by Adam Mitchell


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