HIST.1080: World History 2 - Strobel


Assignments Weight
Class Participation/Attendance/Quizzes 10%
Exams (3) 30% each

Exams and essays will be graded in accordance with the following rubrics:

  • Ability to explain the historic context or the authors view on a historic event
  • Explain the significance of an event
  • Demonstrates understanding of broader context of world historical developments?
  • Ability to create a thesis and conclusion
  • Sophistication of arguments
  • Demonstrates familiarity with and utilizes the readings
  • Writing (Spelling, grammar, and appropriate word choice)
  • Organization (well organized writing, logical flow)

There will be no make ups for missed quizzes
There are no extra credit assignments in this class

Grading Scale

A 100-94%
A- 93-90%
B+ 89-87%
B 86-84%
B- 83-80%
C+ 79-77%
C 76-74%
C- 73-70%
D+ 69-67%
D 66-60%
F below 59%


Attendance and Participation:

Attendance and participation in class are an important part of the course! Come to class and discussion. In this course the two depend heavily on one another. What you learn in lecture is crucial to understanding the readings and you will only benefit from lectures and readings by participation in discussion. In class discussions and lectures I expect you to be engaged and to participate. I also expect you to look interested! Looking interested when you are bored is a great skill to master for any professional career.

Cell Phones and Laptops

Please turn off your phone before entering class. Laptops may be used for note taking only.