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Fall 2017 Honors Seminars (H1-H6): Home

As of March 20, 2017

As of March 20, 2017, here are the Fall 17 Honors Seminars being offered. Earning a B or better in any one of these courses will satisfy one of your H1 through H7 honors course requirements. Students typically use an Honors Seminar to satisfy the H6. Will add syllabus and course description information moving forward.

Additions, deletions, and changes to this list are possible, but this is what I know right now.

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Fall 2017 Honors Seminars

Number Section Title Instructor Gen. Ed Campus Day(s) Start Description
SOCI.3100 301 Ethnicity in Massachusetts Mitra Das SS South T/Th 2:00  
HONR.3200 301 Public Speaking Tess George - North M/W 11:00  
HONR.3200 302 Experiencing Philanthropy Nancy Lippe - North M 3:30  
HONR.3200 303 Making an Impact Steven Courtemanche - South T/TH 3:30  
HONR.3200 304 Call to Adventure Julian Zabalbeascoa - South TH 3:30  
HONR.3300 301 Women in Shakespeare Nancy Selleck AH South T/TH 12:30  
HONR.3300 302 Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol Michael Millner AH North T/Th 11:00  
HONR.3300 303 Art and the Nazis Lauren Fogle AH South M/W 11:00  
HONR.3300 304 Illuminating the Middle Ages Lauren Fogle AH South M/W 12:30  
HONR.3300 305 Studies in Film Thomas Hersey AH South Saturday 10:30  
HONR.3400 301 Gender and Engineering Kacey Beddoes SS North T/TH 9:30  
HONR.3400 302 Work: Past, Present, and Future Greg Delaurier SS South T/TH 2:00