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Pronunciation - "wanna" "gonna"

Please watch and listen to this video - Talk like a native speaker - GONNA, HAVETA, WANNA

Sometimes when speaking -

gonna - "going to" becomes "gonna" - "I am going to go to Boston on Saturday" sounds like "I'm gonna go to Boston on Saturday." 

gotta - "got to" becomes "gotta" - "I've got to go shopping soon" sounds like "I've gotta go shopping soon."    ​ 

wanna - "want to" becomes "wanna" - "I want to grab some lunch" sounds like "I wanna grab some lunch."   

gimme - "give me" becomes "gimme" - "He didn't give me the right address" sounds like "He didn't gimme the right address."   

hafta - "have to" becomes "hafta" - "I have to do some laundry" sounds like "I hafta do some laundry."   

hasta - "has to" becomes "hasta" - "She has to leave soon" sounds like "She hasta leave soon."   

dunno - "don't know" becomes "dunno" - "I don't know why he was late" sounds like "I dunno why he was late." 

outta - "out of" becomes "outta" - "My car is almost out of gas" sounds like "My car is almost outta gas."   

kinda - "kind of" becomes "kinda" - "It is kind of hot in here" sounds like "It is kinda hot in here."   



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