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Speeches with English subtitles

Speech - a formal address delivered to an audience.

You can -

make a speech

give a speech

deliver a speech

This is a website that uses speeches and video to help you learn English. 

Watch and listen to the videos, read the subtitles of the videos.

Write some of the words from the speeches and words in your notebook.

I hope you enjoy these speeches. 


Follow up activities/discussion

What was the purpose of the speech?

General Purpose vs. Specific Purpose

The general purpose of a speech is to inform, motivate, persuade, or entertain an audience. Sometimes a speech falls into more than one of the categories.

What was the general purpose of the speech you listened to?

Who is the audience?

The specific purpose of a speech is the idea or statement that gives the speech direction beyond the general purpose. The specific purpose will answer one or more of the following questions - 

What is the speaker informing the audience of?

What is the speaker trying to motivate the audience to do?

What is the speaker trying to persuade the audience to think or to do?

How is the speaker entertaining the audience?


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