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Learning English    

Why are you learning English? How will you use the English you learn?    

How much time can you spend every day studying English?    

What materials do you use for learning English?    

Do you have computer/internet access? Where and when is it available to you? Do you have an email account/address?    

For how long have you been learning English?    

Do you know the alphabet? Do you know vowels and consonants?    

Do you practice speaking English? How and with whom?    

In what ways do you learn new English words?    

Do you sometimes communicate in English with native English speakers? If so, in what ways?    

How do you translate words and sentences from your native language into English?     

What is the most difficult thing about learning English?    

What area of English are you best at (listening, speaking, reading or writing)?    

What is most important for you to learn in English?