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Common phrases

Please listen to each sentence by clicking on the audio speaker icon.

Please say each sentence out loud.
Repeat each sentence out loud at least 3 times.

Please write each sentence in your notebook.
Write each sentence at least 2 times.


Are you sure? 


As soon as possible. (ASAP) 


Call me tomorrow. 


Could you speak more slowly? 


Come with me. 




Do you understand? 


Give me a hand. (It means "Help me") 


Have a good trip. 

Have a nice day. 

How are you doing? 

I can do it.

I can’t believe it. 

I can’t wait. 

I don’t have time. 

Take another one.    

He doesn’t have time.        

He is on his way.    

How are you doing?       

How long are you staying?    

How much is it?     OR  What does it cost?        

I can do it.         

I can’t believe it.       

I can’t wait.    

I don’t have time.        

I don’t like it.    

I don’t think so.    

I feel much better.    

I found it.    

I hope so.    

I knew it.    

I noticed that.    

I see. (I understand)    。

I think so.    

I want to talk to him.