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Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner


Americans eat traditional food for Thanksgiving dinner. The main dish is often turkey. Sometimes Thanksgiving Day is informally called "Turkey Day."   

A plate of traditional Thanksgiving food

Thanksgiving Dinner Vocabulary

Sharing dinner with family and friends is a major part of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Some popular foods served at Thanksgiving dinner include:

  • turkey – a large bird that is the main course of Thanksgiving dinner

  • stuffing – a mixture of seasoned ingredients (usually breadcrumbs or cornmeal) served as a side dish
  • dressing – another word for stuffing
  • cranberries – a tart berry served whole or as a jelly
  • mashed potatoes – cooked potatoes that have been mashed and seasoned
  • gravy – a sauce used on turkey and potatoes
  • sweet potatoes – orange potatoes with a sweet taste 
  • squash – fruits with hard shells and soft, nutritious interior flesh
  • rolls – individually-sized bread
  • corn bread – bread made from corn flour
  • pumpkin pie – a pie made from mashed pumpkin and spices
  • pecan pie – a pie made from pecans and a sweet filling






A slice of pumpkin pie for dessert

Servings (quantities)

A slice    

A serving    

A scoop    

A spoonful    

A piece    

A bite 

A mouthful

A cup