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Parts of speech - Part 2

Parts of Speech    

All words can be divided into “parts of speech.”   


Parts of speech poem    

Three little words you often see,   
are articles – a, an, and the.    

noun is a person, place, or thing:    
a school, teacher, book, or ring.   

An adjective tells us about the noun –    
great, small, pretty, white, or brown.    

Verbs tell of the action that is done,    
to read, sing, jump, or run.    。

How things are done the adverbs tell,    
as slowly, quickly, badly, or well.    

 join words together,   
as men and women, wind or weather.    

The preposition stands before    
a noun, as at or through the door. 

These are called the parts of speech,   
which reading, writing, and speaking teach.