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EDUC.501: Teaching Diverse Populations - Uy

schoolchildren looking up
Group of Schoolchildren
Photo by Hepingting                 CC BY SA

The purpose of Teaching Diverse Populations is to expose educators to the variety of issues associated with teaching a diverse student population in middle and high schools. Through critical examinations of race, ethnicity, class, gender, ability and sexual orientation, educators will begin to grapple with the complexities that students bring into the classroom. This course will highlight strategies to foster academic success for students placed at risk in schools.

Four Essential Questions

Teaching Diverse Populations is guided by four essential questions:

  1. What does diversity mean?
  2. What are our assumptions, biases, and prejudices that may contribute to educational inequity for the students we teach?
  3. What responsibility do educators have in ensuring that all students succeed?
  4. What are essential skills or strategies necessary to foster academic success for students placed at risk? The course will utilize service learning, group discussions, multi-media presentations, guest speakers, videos and reflection as mechanisms for helping educators integrate theory with practice.