Chemical and Biological Engineering

Finding Information

A new and specific field: Nanotechnology is a quickly growing multidisciplinary field with increasing relevance and importance to engineering and the sciences.

All of the resources available in the other pages of this guide can be utilized to search for information in the field of Nanotechnology, however there is not a unique specific database. There are particular journals which publish in the nanotechnology field which include the following:

Nature Nanotechnology

The Journal of Nanotechnology

Nano Letters

Advanced Materials

Nano Today

Many other journals can also be found with their rankings at SJR. All of these journals publish peer reviewed articles on the cutting edge of an emerging field.

Check ebrary for relevant textbooks to your specific area of interest.

Intro to Nanotechnology: MIT OCW

Safety, Toxicity and Health

For the complete nanotechnology safety guide by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, click hereThis guide to resources on the health and safety implications of nanotechnology is intended to provide an introduction to some of the key issues this emerging technology presents to researchers, workers, and the public. Links to electronic books, websites, reports and journal articles are included for easy access to information.

For a great video on Safety and nanotechnology visit the ASME website.