Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Francis College of Engineering at UMass Lowell


The Francis College of Engineering seeks to prepare men and women to be successful in engineering or their chosen profession. 

Programs are available in several engineering disciplines to accommodate varied interests. In addition, within each discipline students may prepare for various careers such as research, development, design, production, construction, teaching, and management. A faculty advisor is assigned to each student to provide experienced guidance in selecting programs and courses and in career planning.

Each student is encouraged to develop his or her full potential as an engineer with a high degree of awareness of the technological needs of society, the nation, and particularly those of Massachusetts industry, government, and educational institutions.

Branching Out

Research is a growing priority at UMass Lowell, and many of the research opportunities here and in industry are multidisciplinary. Below are the links to the guides for the other disciplines in engineering. The resources on these pages may prove useful to you, so branch out and explore those pages.