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CHEM.1210: Chemistry I - Cunningham

Evaluation System



Mastering Chemistry HW


Mini Quizzes


Hour Exams (3 Exams)


Final Exam


Required Work Products and their Associated Performance Criteria

  1. Mastering Chemistry online homework
    1. Problem focused self teaching, review, and complementary problems
    2. Self grading, often with hints and helps
    3. Evaluation! The cumulative average less the lowest assignment grade will be applied to your course grade.
  2. POGIL exercises (1 per team) collected at instructors request
    1. Accuracy and clarity of presentation
    2. Spot grading of key concepts, This may be used for extra credit at the discretion of the instructor!
  3. Mini-Quizzes
    1. Short 1 to 3 question quizzes using the PRS clickers and generally given after a similar practice assessment
    2. Evaluation! The cumulative average will be applied to your course grade
  4. Exams including Final Exam
    1. Generally short answer and multiple choice
    2. Extra credit questions are generally included
    3. Evaluation! This is a crucial part of your course grade

Assessment System

Assessment feedback will be provided according to the following:

  1. Self and peer review of your performance and understanding of individual in-class problems
  2. Self evaluation of problems from your text book
  3. Group and peer evaluation of group and POGIL activities
  4. Self and peer evaluation of practice exams