How to Use InDesign

When you have opened InDesign, follow the following steps to create a document:


1. To get started creating a new document, click File, New, and choose document.

2. This will open the New Document window.

2A. Creating a new document requires the user to be aware of their end goal. Are you creating a document for physical distribution, digital publishing, or a web page? After deciding what type of page layout is best for your project, select it from the Intent menu as shown below:

2B. The next step is to choose the number of pages for your project.

2C. There are also different page sizes to choose from. You can also specify a custom page size and orientation.

2D. Columns are available if you want to divide your page into a specific amount of sections.

Columns can be used in various ways; whether you are designing a magazine layout, pamphlet, or book to create a custom distribution of typographical space. Usually columns are used in magazines and pamphlets.

2D. Next you have the option to set the margins.

Using the link button in the middle, you can specify whether all margins should be the same or not.

2E. Lastly, using the Bleed and Slug options, you can create a number of marks to help the printer determine where to trim the paper, align separation films when producing proofs, measure film for correct calibration and dot density, and so on.

Again, using the link buttons, you can specify whether all settings will be the same or not.

2F. You can preview what your document will look like by checking off Preview at the bottom of the window.

3. When you are satisfied with your settings, just press OK to create your new document!